BASF Patents Self-Healing Coating

June 9, 2014

U.S. 8,586,697 B2
BASF has obtained a patent for a method of self-healing cured coatings, which is comprised of heating a coating of a cured coating composition for a period of at least 10 minutes to a temperature which lies at least 25° C above the glass transition temperature of the coating wherein the coating composition is comprised of as constituent components (A) at least one ester which has at least two hydroxyl groups, formally constructed of (A1) at least one alkanecarboxylic acid which contains at least 12 carbon atoms and (A2) at least one polyol having at least three hydroxyl groups; (B)at least one nonblocked or blocked di- or polyisocyanate and (C) at least one polyhydroxy compound selected from the group consisting of polyacrylate polyols, polyester polyols, polyurethane polyols; polyurea polyols; polyester polyacrylate polyols; polyester polyurethane polyols; polyurethane polyacrylate polyols, polyurethane-modified alkyd resins; fatty acid-modified polyester polyurethane polyols, copolymers with allyl ethers, graft copolymers from the stated groups of compounds and mixtures of the stated binders.

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