Self-Stick Paint Swatch For Testing Samples on a Wall

June 9, 2014

Myra Hersh has been granted a patent for a removable swatch sheet for temporary attachment to a surface for viewing a paint color painted on the swatch sheet, the swatch sheet is comprised of a multilayer construction comprised of a paintable paper layer having a top and bottom, the paper preventing paint absorption therethrough and comprised of  latex impregnated saturated paper, the paint color being painted on the top covering at least a portion of the swatch sheet, an adhesive surface comprised of a layer of adhesive applied to the bottom of the paper layer, wherein the adhesive is comprised of microsphere adhesive, a release layer attached to the bottom of the paper layer through the adhesive surface, wherein the release layer is comprised of a stay flat liner, the swatch sheet being thin and pliable to be attachable to non-flat and flat surfaces, the swatch sheet attaching flush to a flat surface, the painted swatch sheet being removable and repositionable on the surface.