Valspar Patents Crosslinkable Coating with Polyurethane

June 9, 2014

U.S. 8,580,901 B2
Valspar Sourcing Inc. has been granted a patent for an aqueous crosslinkable coating composition comprised of water; a water-dispersible polyurethane polymer comprised of a plurality of urethane linkages; a plurality of cycloaliphatic groups incorporated into the polyurethane polymer through cyclohexane diacid, non-isocyanate compounds, wherein at least one of the plurality of cycloaliphatic groups is comprised of a structure X-Z-X, and wherein: Z is the cyclohexane ring structure; and each X is an ester group, wherein at least one of the X groups is a divalent linkage group attaches the cyclohexane ring structure to another portion of the polyurethane polymer; a plurality of salt or salt-forming groups; and a plurality of air-curable ethylenically unsaturated groups; and a carbonyl-functional vinyl polymer, wherein the amount of carbonyl functional groups in the vinyl polymer is 3-500 milliequivalents per 100 grams polymer; and carbonyl-reactive amine and/or hydrazine functional groups.