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BASF Develops RELEST Powder PUR Anti-Sticker Coating

June 9, 2014

To combat the problem of graffiti, lettering and stickers, BASF's Coatings division has developed the RELEST Powder PUR Anti-Sticker coating. The product's anti-stick surface prevents soiling and reduces cleaning costs. It was specially developed for coating light poles, traffic signal poles and circuit breaker panel boxes.
"RELEST Powder PUR Anti-Sticker's slightly roughened surface offers anti-graffiti properties. Stickers do not adhere properly to the surface and graffiti can be removed more easily," said BASF product manager Miriam Belke. The product also features high weathering resistance, scratch resistance and very high chemical resistance.

Euro coatings GmbH, a service provider for surface technology based in Werl, Germany, is the first company to use the anti-stick coating. "Using the powder coating on light poles offers outstanding protection from soiling and corrosion, and is a valuable addition to our portfolio," explained CEO Klaus Merckx.

BASF supplies powder coating systems under the product name RELEST Powder. The systems can be used for an array of applications, for example, for plant and machine construction, for garden fences and for façade construction. These systems stand out for their low material loss during coating.