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Valspar Introduces Valspar Valde Extreme Flex Cure Coating Technology

June 9, 2014

The Valspar Corporation launched Valspar Valde Extreme Flex Cure (EFC) powder coating technology designed with proprietary resin technology to deliver full performance with faster cure rates at a much lower temperature compared to traditional powder coatings. These features allow customers to increase manufacturing line speeds and reduce oven temperatures with no compromise in corrosion protection, gloss or durability. Valspar Valde EFC also can be used on production parts that are heavy, temperature sensitive or pre-assembled and typically require liquid coatings.
Valspar Valde EFC provides maximum flexibility in manufacturing operations. Energy costs are lowered because oven temperatures can be reduced as much as125°F/52°C as compared to traditional coatings. And, faster cure cycles increase production output, allowing existing assets to increase capacity without additional capital expenditures. With reduced energy use and no VOC emissions, environmental impact is minimized, and painting from subcontractors can be reclaimed to reduce paint outsourcing costs.

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