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Last Updated Tuesday, October 6 2015

Resins Directory

Here is a look at the latest offerings from select resins suppliers. For more information on the products listed, please contact the company directly.

Published July 7, 2014
Alberdingk Boley Inc.
Greensboro, NC
Fax: 336-454-5007

Type of resins: Acrylic-styrene emulsions; emulsions; UV curing resins; urethane/polyurethane resins

• AC 3630
Attributes/comments: Translucent, multiphase, self-cross linking dispersion with excellent chemical and scratch resistance, fast-drying, excellent wood warmth and surface hardness, low cosolvent demand, low foaming tendency and easy to formulate

Alpharetta, GA
770-280-8300 or 800-433-2873
Fax:  770-280-8394
Type of Resins: Acrylic resins; acrylic-styrene emulsions; alkyd resins; amino; crosslinking resins; emulsions; epoxy hardeners; epoxy resins; high-solid resins; hybrid resins; melamine/melamine-type resins; phenolic resins; phenoxy resins
UV curing resins; urethane/polyurethane resins; water thinned resins
• Easy Cure System
Attributes/comments: With Allnex’s new Easy Cure System, formulators can now develop waterborne epoxy systems that offer the performance and handling of solvent-based coatings. The Easy Cure System is composed of three elements: the BECKOCURE hardener and two epoxy resins - BECKOPOX EP 2384w/57WA and BECKOPOX 387w/52WA, and brings many cost saving opportunities through easy handling and application, improved productivity, and compatibility with a wide range of pigments and filler.

Arkema Coating Resins
Cary, NC

Type of resins: Acrylic resins;  alkyd resins; epoxy hardeners; emulsions; hybrid resins; polyester resins; silicone polyesters; TGIC resins; urethane/polyurethane resins

• Snap 728 Acrylic Latex
Attributes/comments: Exceptional hardness and black resistance, excellent gloss and adhesion, and ENVIA certified.

BASF Corporation
Charlotte, NC
Fax: 800-392-7429

Type of resins: Acrylic resins; acrylic-styrene emulsions; alykd resins; amino; crosslinking resins; emulsions; epoxy hardeners; epoxy resins; high-solid resins; melamine/melamine-type resins; polyamide resins; UV curing resins; urethane crosslinkers; urethane/polyurethane resins

• Acronal PLUS 4235
Attributes/comments: All-acrylic resin optimized for high performance 50 g/l VOC freeze/thaw resistant flat and satin formulations. High solids (55%) resin with good slurry compatibility for interior/exterior application in contractor through premium grade paints. Paints deliver excellent wet adhesion and chalk adhesion with excellent surfactant leaching and water resistance. Acronal PLUS 4235 also delivers improved titanium dioxide efficiency.

Cardolite Corporation
Newark, NJ
Fax: 973-344-1197

Types of resins: Epoxy hardeners; Epoxy resins; Hydrocarbon resins; 

• Ultra LITE Series
Attributes/comments: New technology platform enables cashew nutshell liquid based materials with Gardner color 1 or less. Ultra LITE diluents can replace substances of concern such as unfriendly glycidyl ethers and nonyl phenol.

Irving, TX
Type of resins: Acrylic resins; emulsions; vinyl resins

• Avicor 385 vinyl acrylic emulsion
Attributes/comments: Celanese is a leading global producer of vinyl emulsions including homopolymers,VAE and vinyl acrylic. They are also a manufacturer of pure acrylic emulsions and specialty polymers.

DIC International (USA) LLC.
Parsippany, NJ
Fax: 973-404-6601
Type of resins:
Acrylic resins; acrylic—styrene emulsions; alkyd resins; amino; crosslinking resins; emulsions; epoxy hardeners; epoxy resins; high-solid resins; hybrid resins; phenolic resins; phenoxy resins; polyamide resins; polyester resins; UV curing resins; water thinned resins; styrene resins; urethane/polyurethane resins

Attributes/comments: Polysiloxane/Acrylate hybrid resins for high durability protective coatings (non-isocyanate).

Dymax Corporation
Torrington, CT
Fax: 860-626-2674

Type of resins:
Acrylic resins; crosslinking resins; hybrid resins; methacrylic monomers/polymers; polybutadienes; UV curing resins; urethane crosslinkers; urethane/polyurethane resins

EPS Materials
Marengo, IL
Fax: 815-568-4145

Type of resins:
Acrylic resins; acrylic-styrene emulsions; alykd resins; emulsions; polyester resins; urethane/polyurethane resins

Gelest Inc.
Morrisville, PA
Fax: 215-547-1015
Type  of  resins: acrylic resins; acrylic-styrene emulsions;alkyd resins; amino; bitmens; cellulose derivatives;crosslinking resins; emulsions; epoxy hardeners; epoxy resins; ester gums; high-solid resins; hybrid resins;  hydrocarbons resins; maleic resins; melamine/melamine-type resins; methacrylic monomers/polymers; natural resins; nitrocellulose; nylon resins; oleoresinous varnishes; phenolic resins;  phenoxy resins; polyamide resins; polybutadienes; polybutenes; polyester resins; polyethylene resins; polypropylene resins; polysaccharide resins; rosin esters; rosin salts; silanes; silicone polyesters; silicone resins; styrene resins; terpenes; TGIC resins; UV curing resins; urethane crosslinkers; urethane lacquers; urethane/polyurethane resins; vinyl resins; water thinned resins

• Dipodal Silanes, Cyclic Azasilanes, Particle Surface Modification
Attributes/comments: Gelest Inc. manufactures and provides silane, silicone and metal-organic compounds serving advanced technology markets through a customer driven approach.

Georgia Pacific Chemicals LLC.
Atlanta, GA

Type of resins: crosslinking resins; epoxy hardeners; high-solid resins; melamine/melamine-type resins; phenolic resins; rosin esters; water thinned resins

King Industries, Inc.
Norwalk, CT 06852
• K-Flex XM-366 – Low Viscosity Polyester Diol for VOC Reduction and Flexibility
Attributes/Comments: 100% active, low viscosity and low color Polyester Diol for use as a resin modifier to increase flexibility and reduce VOC’s of acrylic/isocyanate or acrylic/melamine systems.

Reichhold, Inc.
Durham, NC
Fax: 919- 767-8618

Type of resins: Acrylic resins; acrylic-styrene emulsions; alkyd resins; crosslinking resins; emulsions; epoxy hardeners; epoxy resins; high-solid resins; hybrid resins; polyamide resins; silicone polyesters; UV curing resins; urethane lacquers; urethane/polyurethane resins; water thinned resins.

• UROTUF F600-w-40
UROTUF F600-W-40 is a self crosslinking water-borne uralkyd suitable for contractor or DIY garage floor coatings that exhibit good adhesion to concrete and are resistant to hot tire pick-up.

Siltech Corporation
Toronto, ON

Type of resins: Silicone resins; UV curing resins

• Fluorosil OH C7-F
Attributes/comments: Fluorosil OH C7-F provides solvent, stain, mar, and fingerprint resistance, flexibility, lubricity, softness, and slip. The primary hydroxyl group can react into the matrix. There is also an acrylate version for UV.

Specialty Polymers Inc.
Woodburn, OR
Fax: 503-981-7534

Type of resins: Acrylic resins; acrylic-styrene emulsions; vinyl resins

• Ray Flex 791
Attributes/comments: RayFlex 791 is an APEO-free, all acrylic emulsion polymer designed to provide excellent alkali resistance on cementitious substrates. Coatings formulated with RayFlex 791 have very good tensile properties, efflorescence resistance and low temperature flexibility.

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