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Get Your Mojo on With Resene

August 9, 2005

Yeah, baby! Resene Paints has launched its new Range 2002, a collection of 150 classic and contemporary colors tailored to “suit the New Zealand lifestyle and environment.”
Among the new shades created by Resene are Mojo, an orange-red named for the hit movie series Austin Powers, and Resene Matrix, a red oxide well-suited for any Keanu Reeves fan.
According to Resene, the traditional lag from clothing to home decor is dwindling; what’s being worn today on the streets will be seen on the walls next year. Colors are becoming lighter, softer and more complex, with blue remaining a key shade for the decade. According to the New Zealand-based firm, orange is “posied” to become a new choice among consumers.
Resene’s Range 2002 features chromatically softer greens, blues and neutrals that are countered by deep ultra-saturated yellows, oranges and reds. The company also contends there has been an increase in “non-hue specific bridging colors” that float between hues.
Among the shades in the range are Resene lusty and tall poppy (colors that shift between red and orange), scandal and conch (barely blues) and Kilamanjaro (a sophisticated brown that offers an urban yet natural bridge between deep red and classic black), according to the company.
To help consumers select color choices from the new range, the firm has released Resene EzyPaint2, an update of its virtual painting software. The updated program allows consumers to scan their own images or use digital cameras to virtually paint any surface via their PC.