International Coatings Patents Pair of Powder Coatings

August 9, 2005

l Patent No. Europe 1 095 110 A and 1 095 111 A
International Coatings Ltd. has earned a patent (1 095 110A) for powder coatings with reduced gloss, textured and metallic finishes. The coatings are obtained from a film-forming polymeric composition that is dry-blended with appearance-modifying additives, wax coated silica or alumina and aluminum hydroxide, metallic or mica components, color pigment and/or other polymeric compositions. The patent include information on preparations and particle size distribution.
The second patent (1 095 111A) covers a powder coating with improved fluidity and deposition properties that is useful for thin film coatings. The compositions contain finely divided wax-coated silica, preferably micronized silica gel, incorporated by dry blending. Microcystalline wax may be used, eg. ester of 16C or higher aliphatic alcohol with at least 16C fatty acid or salt, such as aluminum stearate. Aluminum oxide and aluminum hydroxide may also be incorporated by dry blending, according to the literature.

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