Urecoats’ Rubber Sealant Membrane Earns U.S. Patent

August 9, 2005

 Patent No. U.S. 6,271,305
Urecoats Industries, Inc., a Deerfield Beach, FL-based manufacturer and
distributor of sealant and coating products partially made from recycled
material, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has
awarded a patent providing intellectual property protection for its proprietary
rubber sealant membrane formula, UrecoatsRSM-100.
The patent, which was issued with 25 claims, is entitled “Bituminous
polyurethane interpenetrating elastomeric network composition as coatings
and sealants for roofing and other applications.” It covers the formula used
in the manufacture of the company’s line of RSM products as well as broadly
covering various aspects of the RSM technology.
“We are very excited about yet another major accomplishment for the RSM
product line,” said Timothy M. Kardok, president and COO. “With our patent
in place, RSM is now officially recognized as a major industry innovation. We
look forward to pioneering further advancements with RSM technology, not
only in our core business of commercial and industrial roofing, but also in the
additional target markets of bridges, concrete and steel.” Early tests in cross
over applications indicate that UrecoatsRSM-100 acts as a corrosion and
degradation inhibitor for steel and concrete, according to the company.
“Concrete structures, especially those located in coastal areas or in regions
of the country where de-icing salts are commonly used, are experiencing rapid
deterioration,” said Mr. Kardok. “It’s an enormous market. We’ve seen market
estimates in excess of $100 billion annually for corrosion-induced failures in
the U.S. alone. In other words, the materials builders thought were impervious
to corrosion, have been infiltrated by moisture in cracks resulting from
shrinkage of the cement or movement of the structure.”