Method and Apparatus for 360°

August 9, 2005

Method and Apparatus for 360°
Application of Powder Coating
 Patent No. U.S. 6,309,693
A method of applying 360° coatings
using powdered coating material to a predetermined
portion of an internal opening
of a plurality of fasteners has been
patented. The method entails the following
steps: supporting and continuously
conveying the fasteners along a predetermined
path; preheating the fasteners
above the softening point of the coating
material; simultaneously applying a
powdered coating material to the 360°
circumference of the predetermined portion
of the internal opening of the preheated
fasteners in an amount in excess
of that required to form the coating; and
propelling the coating material applied in
the application step towards the walls of
the internal opening of each fastener to
be coated in a manner so that at least
90% of the coating material applied
adheres to the predetermined internal
opening. The patent was awarded to
John S. Wallace, Bloomfield, MI; James
P. DeFillipi, Leonard, MI; Joseph A.
Lopetrone, Sterling Heights, MI; and
Charles M. Stampien, Walled Lake, MI. 
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