Storage Stable

August 9, 2005

Patent No. Europe 1 095 977 A
UCB SA has patented storage-stable
waterborne compositions that provide
durable coatings with good film-forming
properties, adhesion, barrier properties,
solvent and water resistance, mechanical
strength on various substrates, and
are useful on packaging materials, as
antifouling and marine paints, inks and
wood coatings. Compositions contain a
biopolymer obtained by mechanical
thermoplastic processing of a polysaccharide
and/or protein, especially
starch, in the presence of a crosslinking
agent (glyoxal) and waterborne hydrophilic
and/or a hydrophilic/hydrophobic
synthetic resin as a solution, dispersion,
emulsion or colloid. Paint and inks are
claimed in this patent.

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