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Retsch Has New Mortar Mill

August 9, 2005

Retsch, Inc. has launched the Rapid Mortar Mill MS 100 for precise x-ray fluorescence or other spectral analyses requiring accurate sample preparation. The MS 100 homogenizes small sample volumes (two-25 ml) to a particle size <20 microns enabling the samples to be pelletized for subsequent analysis, according to the company.
The reproducibility of all relevant parameters is guaranteed by digital speed control settings for mortar and pestle, digital timer, memory function for three speed/time combinations, scales in mm-increments for the pestle pressure and clearance. With grinding sheets available in two sizes and five different materials, this bench-top mill can easily be adapted to the individual task, and undesired contamination of the sample is avoided, according to the company. More info: Retsch, Inc., (949) 752-2004, (866) 4-RETSCH • Fax: (949) 2045 • E-mail: info@retsch-us.com.