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The CMM Group Offers

August 9, 2005

The CMM Group Offers
Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers
● Designed to exceed all local, state and
federal clean air regulations, regenerative
thermal oxidizers from The
CMM Group destroy up to 99%+ of
VOCs and HAPs at temperatures
ranging from 1400° to 1600°F, according
to the company. Regenerative thermal
oxidizers are made up of combustion
chamber/heat exchanger canisters
that are designed as an integral
part of the unit. Manufactured of
heavy gauge carbon steel and insulated
with long life ceramic fiber insulation
to minimize radiant heat loss, the
heat exchanger canisters are packed
with high efficiency, low pressure drop
ceramic media, and the unit’s airflow
control valves are specially designed
for continuous duty operation. More
info: The CMM Group, LLC, (920) 336-9800.