August 9, 2005

● Patent No. U.S. 6,340,721 B1
Techno Polymer Company, Ltd.,
Tokyo, Japan, has obtained a patent for
a flame-retardant thermoplastic resin
composition. The resin is comprised of:
60 to 98 weight percent of a thermoplastic
resin comprising a rubber-reinforced
resin obtained by graft-polymerizing
a monomer component comprising
an aromatic vinyl compound or an
aromatic vinyl compound and other
monomer(s) copolymerizable therewith
in the presence of a rubber-like polymer,
a polymer obtained by polymerizing
the monomer component or a mixture
of the resin and the polymer.
It also is comprised of 40 to two
weight percent of a halogen type flameretardant
which comprises a mixture of
compounds represented by the mixture
comprising five to 60 mol. percent
of a compound having epoxy
groups at both terminals of the
molecular chain, 15-70 mol. percent
of a compound having epoxy group at
one terminal alone and five to 80
mol. percent of a compound having
no epoxy group at both