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August 10, 2005

● Cognis’ coatings and ink business has
introduced two coating polyols to the
market, Sovermol 750 and 818.
Sovermol 750 is a saponification
resistant polyol for the manufacture
of UV-resistant polyurethane coatings
for outdoor use. It can be used in a
variety of applications, such as antigraffiti
systems, solvent-free coatings
or water-based two component thickfilm
polyurethane coatings. It offers
very pronounced hydrophobicity and
has better resistance to hydrolysis
and chemicals compared to conventional
polyester polyols, according to
the company.
Universal polyol Sovermol 818 is
designed for the manufacture of twocomponent
floor coating compounds.
Coatings formulated with Sovermol
818 are highly resistant to acids and
water, while presenting adequate
resistance to alkaline media. At medium
to high hardness (unfilled) they
develop good mechanical properties
with a relatively high elasticity (50%-
70% elongation). More info: Cognis B.V.,
(800) 922-0605 • Web: www.cognis.com.