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Cognis Launches Series of

August 10, 2005

Cognis has recently launched a series of new products for use in coatings. Perenol S 83 UV, a solvent-free modified polyether siloxane, has above average slip properties and improved substrate wetting. Perenol S 71 UV is a silicone acrylate with good slip properties and low foaming. Perenol F 41 is a silicone and solvent-free product which shows an improved compatibility, offers good substrate wetting and improved leveling characteristics. It can be used in UV-curing coatings, unsaturated polyester and epoxy systems and is also suitable for vinyl ester and polyurethane systems. Hydropalat 110, 130, 134 and 875 are silicone-free wetting agents that offer good reduction of dynamic surface tension. More info: Cognis, +49 211 7940 2022 • E-mail: wolfgang.laicher@cognis.com • Web: www.cognis.com.