Coating Compositions Containing Macromolecules

August 10, 2005

Coating Compositions Containing Macromolecules
l Patent No. U.S. 6,432,484 B1
DuPont Co. has been awarded a patent for a coating composition comprising a crosslinking component that contains a polyamine, a polyketimine, or a combination thereof, wherein the polyamine has an average of at least two amine functionalities per polyamine molecule and the polyketimine has an average of at least two ketimine functionalities per polyketimine molecule; and a binder component comprising at least one structured reactive diluent having a GPC weight average molecular weight in the range of 100 to 45,000, said diluent being substantially free from acrylate functionalities and having at least two acetoacetonate functionalities per diluent molecule; and a binder polymer, which comprises an acrylic polymer, a polyester or a combination wherein acrylic polymer or polyester is functionalized with acetoacetate functionalities
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