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DuPont Introduces New Low Molecular Weight PTFE

August 10, 2005

DuPont Introduces New Low
Molecular Weight PTFE
● DuPont Chemical Solutions Enterprise
has introduced DryFilm RA and LXE
dispersions, featuring a PTFE base
that improves the lubricity, thermal
and chemical stability, nonflammability
and antistick properties, according
to the company. DryFilm dispersions
are non-migrating, staying
where they are applied rather than
spreading into surrounding areas.
The fluorinated active ingredient, an
ultra low molecular weight polytetrafluoroethylene,
is responsible for
these properties. More info: DuPont, (800)
441-9503 or (302) 891-8121; Fax: (302) 892-
1135; Web: www.releasesystems.com. ●
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