August 10, 2005

Patent No. U.S. 6,447,844 B1
Honda Giken Kogyo Kabushiki
Kaisha, Tokyo, Japan, and Honda of
America Mfg., Inc., Marysville, OH,
have been awarded a patent for a
method to coat polypropylene materials.
It is comprised of pretreating in
which a polypropylene material is
beforehand cleaned, and then applying
a water-based adhesion promoter,
which is comprised of a grafted
polypropylene chloride, which
includes a polypropylene chloride
moiety and a maleic anhydride moiety
as bonded thereto, and which has
a chlorine content of 15-25 weight
percent and a maleic anhydride moiety
content of one to five weight percent;
an amine-neutralized water-soluble
resin; a wettability-improving
agent; and water. It is characterized
by a combination ratio of 25-90 weight
percent as of the grafted polypropylene
chloride to the total of the grafted
polypropylene chloride and the amineneutralized
water-soluble resin; and a
combination ratio of 2.5-six weight
percent as of the wettability-improving
agent to the entirety of the promoter.
The pretreated material is
dried and a paint is coated on the pretreated

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