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August 10, 2005

Paar Physica’s modular compact rheometer (MCR) series of instruments now features Version 2.4, the latest software that adds a variety of new features to simplify test and analysis. The MCR can be configured for applications ranging from simple one button QC/QA testing to advanced research and development. Systems for testing fluids, melts and solids, as well as unique accessories for testing magnetorheological and electrorheological materials, increase the MCR’s versatility, according to the company.
New software features help ensure consistent sample loading, and application-specific test selection simplifies analysis. Users can select from traditional rheological tests or from a range of pre-programmed tests geared to specific applications such as paint, coatings and polymers. Data analysis and report generation can be automated for speed and error-free operation. More info: Paar Physica, (800) 722-7556 or (804) 550-1051 • Fax: (804) 550-1057 • E-mail: info@paarphysica.com • Web: www.paarphysica.com.