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Dunn-Edwards Celebrates Two Decades of “EG-Free”

August 10, 2005

After being one of the first firms in the paint industry to totally eliminate the use of ethylene glycol (EG) in all water-based products, Dunn-Edwards Corporation is celebrating two decades of selling EG-free water-based products, having voluntarily replaced the chemical with propylene glycol in 1983.
“Research highlighting the harmful effects of ethylene glycol on humans and the environment is nothing new,” said Robert Wendoll, director of environmental affairs, Dunn-Edwards. “We took an early stand against using EG, and are disappointed that other paint companies continue to use this harmful substance despite the proven hazard it presents to people and the environment. Our philosophy always has been to use the highest quality ingredients to create our superior products. The cost of raw materials is secondary to our commitment to health and safety,” Mr. Wendoll added.