Universal Paint Solvent

August 10, 2005

l Patent No. U.S. 6,517,626 B2
Ferndale, MI-based Gage Products Company has received a patent for a universal paint solvent. It comprises, on a weight basis, one to 30% of an acidic material selected from the group consisting of sulfonic acids, phosphonic acids, phosphoric acids and combinations thereof; together with 10-80% of an organic solvent selected from the group consisting of alcohols, ethers, ketones, aldehydes, esters and combinations thereof. In particular compositions, the acidic component is comprised of a mixture of two different acids. Alkyl esters, particularly acetate esters, are preferred organic solvents. Butyl acetate is a specifically preferred solvent. The compositions, which work on a large variety of paint formulations, are effective at room temperature and are particularly suited for cleaning paint delivery systems and equipment.

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