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Cognis Waterproxy Resin System

August 10, 2005

Cognis Waterpoxy Resin System
● Cognis Waterpoxy product line is an
adaptable water-based epoxy resin
system that can be tailored for specific
applications by adding customary
fillers or sand, or by dilution with
water. The concrete and corrosion
protection properties of the system
are ideal for large industrial floors, as
well as tile and wooden floors.
During renovation work of the
Federal Office for Goods Transport in
Munich, gaps in tiles were restored to
their original condition using a
Cognis Waterpoxy coating and gaps
in tiles were filled using a mortar on
the basis of Waterpoxy as well. More
info: Cognis, Thorsten Roloff, 49-211-
2940-9148 • E-mail thorsten.roloff@cognis.
com • Web: www.cognis.com.