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Parker Offers

August 10, 2005

Parker Offers Improved
Watertight Coils for Valve Lines
● Parker Hannifin Corp.’s fluid control
division is offering improved watertight
coils for its Skinner 7000 series
and Gold Ring valves. These encapsulated
coils, which totally enclose and
protect the electrical components of
the coil, have been redesigned by
Parker to provide superior watertightness
and chemical resistance.
The valves feature a unique bobbin
design that prevents media from
leaking in and helps the coil withstand
higher water pressure in washdown
The new design, which has a noncorrosive
finish, will extend the valve’s
life expectancy and will reduce downtime
and maintenance, according to
Parker. In addition, the coils exceed
industry standards which requires
valves to meet only NEMA type-four
requirements, according to Parker.
The coils are offered at no additional
cost to customers. More info: Parker
Hannifin Corp., Fluid Control Division,
(860) 827-2300 • Fax: (860) 827-2384; Web
site: www.parker.com.