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Beyond the Beige Box:

August 11, 2005

PPG Industries wants designers of electronics to think beyond the beige box. To help make that task easier, it has introduced the TrendCast styling kit. Created to predict and communicate the latest trends in color, texture and special effects, the kit will assist designers in making their products look, feel and perform better.
PPG unveiled the kit at the 2004 Consumer Electronics Show. It offers more than 200 examples of next-generation color and effects in finishing technologies and demonstrates the newest textures for enhancing the user experience.
“In consumer electronics, the focus has often been on technology—which beige box is fastest, biggest or best— but the convergence of technology and lifestyle has intensified the focus on form, style, color and texture,” said George Heath, director of marketing, PPG Industrial Coatings. “Coatings remain one of the most effective, efficient and flexible ways to enhance how a product looks, feels and sells.”