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August 11, 2005

Degussa’s advanced fillers and pigments business unit has added a new product, Acematt HK 440, to its Acematt line of matting agents. The company has also developed two soft touch matting agents, EXP 3200-1 and EXP 3300-1 for coatings that serve the automotive and plastics industries.
Acematt HK 440 is an untreated, highly efficient matting agent designed for applications requiring low gloss to sheen ratios. EXP 3200-1 and EXP 3300-1 are designed to impart a soft, velvety touch. Formulated in coatings for automotives, electronics and plastics, EXP 3200-1 and EXP 3300-1 can provide a wide spectrum of tactile properties, according to the company. More info: Degussa, (800) 828-0919; Web: www.degussa.com.

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