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Reichhold Introduces Three New Powder Coating Resins

August 11, 2005

Reichhold has recently unveiled three new Fine-Clad powder coating resins. Fine-Clad M-8762, M-8792 and M-8912 are the newest additions to Reichhold’s line of specialty polyesters for powder coating applications. M-8762 is a pre-catalyzed carboxyl functional polymer designed to cure with bisphenol-A epoxy curatives at 50/50 ratios. The resulting hybrid systems offer high reactivity and good flow and are ideal for general metal applications, as well as coatings for machinery and equipment, according to the company. M-8792 is a carboxylated polyester designed to cure with beta-hydroxyalkylamides to produce coatings with excellent durability. M-8912 is a super durable carboxyl functional polyester designed to cure by PT-910 crosslinkers for powder coatings featuring excellent weathering resistance, good mechanical properties and good storage stability, according to the company. More info: Reichhold, (800) 431-1920; E-mail: productinfo@reichhold.com; Web: www.reichhold.com.

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