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Rhodia Offers

August 11, 2005

Rhodia Offers
Hyper-Reactive Crosslinkers
Rhodia is offering a new range of crosslinkers for use with thermal solventless silicone release coating systems. With enhanced reactivity, Rhodia’s new Silcolease crosslinkers offer improved anchorage to films, process consistency and the ability to reduce formulated silicone bath costs, according to the company. When used with Rhodia’s Silcolease polymers, the new range of crosslinkers offer converters the ability to coat thermally-sensitive films and unprimed polyester films that have traditionally been difficult to siliconize. Hyper-reactive Silcolease XL-320 and XL-321 are designed to provide excellent anchorage to these difficult films and allow for a reduction in the amount of platinum catalyst required to cure the system. In addition, each of these new crosslinkers can be used with Rhodia's new line of controlled release additives to achieve tight differential release characteristics that are both stable and predictable. More info: Rhodia, (866) 4-RHODIA; Web: www.rhodia silicones.com.

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