ow gloss finishes

August 11, 2005

low gloss finishes
From Rohm and Haas
Patent No. U.S. 6,777,027 B2
Rohm and Haas Company has received a patent for a method for making a coating having a low gloss finish comprised of disposing a layer of a coating powder onto a substrate, wherein the coating powder comprises one or more than one cationic curable resin chosen from aromatic epoxides, polyglycidyl compounds having an aromatic structure, epoxy novolac resins, epoxy cresol resins, vinyl ethers, oxetanes, oxolanes, cyclic acetals, thiiranes, thiotanes, and combinations thereof; one or more cationic photoinitiator; one or more free radical curable resin; and one or more free radical photoinitiator. The cationic curable resin and the free radical curable