Water-based coating

August 11, 2005

Water-based coating
composition from Kansai
Patent No.Europe 6,780,902 B2
Kansai Paint Co. has received a patent for a graded coated substrate having at least one graded coated layer. The graded coated layer is formed by producing a graded thermal spray coated layer on a substrate comprised of feeding a mixture of at least two coating materials to a thermal spray device, depositing the at least two coating materials on the substrate and varying at least one of the temperature and velocity parameters of the thermal spray device during the depositing of two coating materials on the substrate to manipulate the materials in the thermal spray device and to produce a graded coated layer on the substrate. The graded coated layer has a varying proportion of the at least two coating materials, and the graded coated layer is comprised of alumina and chromium carbide with nichrome, wherein the graded coated layer consists of a first zone of alumina adjacent to the substrate, a second zone of alumina, chromium carbide and nichrome, and a third zone of chromium carbide and nichrome.