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August 11, 2005

Dupont CHemical launches
zonyl surfactants
DuPont Chemical Company is offering three new fluorinated surfactants, including non-ionic, anionic, polymeric and amphoteric products, for the coatings market. Zonyl FS-610 VOC-free water soluble anionic fluorosurfactant offers excellent wetting, leveling and flow control, according to the company. It can be used in coating applications to promote anti-blocking.
Zonyl FS-500 and Zonyl FS-510 amphoteric and amine oxide fluorosurfactant promote wetting and penetration for waterborne coatings. More info: DuPont Chemical Company, (866) 828-7009; Fax: (302) 992-5336; E-mail: zonyl@usa.dupont.com; Web: www.dupont.com/zonyl.