August 11, 2005

Patent No. U.S. 6,838,492 B2
Scentco, LLC has been granted a
patent for a scent additive mixture
formulated to be introduced into a
pre-formulated paint composition as
a stable dispersion to produce a
scented paint which provides a pleasant
and long-lasting fragrance or
aroma in an ambient surrounding
where the paint is applied. The additive
mixture is comprised of a fragrance
material at a concentration
sufficient to impart a long lasting
aroma in an ambient environment;
an emulsifier at a concentration sufficient
to promote formation of a stable
dispersion of the fragrance material
in the pre-formulated paint composition;
and a solubilizing agent
which is compatible with the fragrance
material. According to the
patent, the paint additive disperses
in any pre-formulated paint composition
selected from the group consisting
of water-based, latex-based, oilbased
paints and alkyd-based paints
and mixtures thereof.