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September 19, 2005

EFKA 4590 is a new addition to
EFKA Additives’ high-molecular
weight polymeric dispersant range of
additives, which has been specially
designed to stabilize organic and
inorganic pigments in water-based
decorative systems. EFKA 4590 also
exhibits good compatibility in solvent-
based systems, making it suitable
for stabilizing pigments in all
colorants for decorative coatings
applications. This new product offers
cost effectiveness, gloss and transparency,
color strength, flocculation
stability, anti-flooding behavior and
viscosity reduction, according to the
company. More info: EFKA Additives
BV, +31 513 657 5000; Fax: +31 513
657 550; E-mail: efka@efka.com;Web:

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