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Wacker unveils new silicone foams

November 3, 2005

Wacker Silicones unveiled several new solid silicone foams. The new products included the company’s two solid silicone grades, Elastosil R 401/10 and Elastosil R plus 43057/90, and highly transparent silicone prototypes of medium durometer hardness that have been developed specifically for extrusion. Elastosil R401/10 is a bubble-free extrudable 10 Shore A silicone. It is suitable for food and medical applications as well as for molding articles. Elastosil plus 4305/90 is a 90 Shore A silicone that does not suffer the friability usually encountered in the upper Shore A range. Elastosil plus 4305/90 is impressive for its thermoplastic-like hardness, transparency and surface. More info: Wacker, 49-89 6279-1601; Web: www.wacker.com.