Business Corner

Disorder & Revision, Change & Correction

December 7, 2005

The business environment within which we find ourselves is in what we would describe as disorderly to perhaps, chaotic and certainly, therefore, troublesome.

We are living through the end of an era of corporate responsibility where the "business" took care of us while concurrently embarking on a new and long trip where individual self control is starting to be "in", necessary and considered by many, welcome.

Although many welcome this self-governance change, there are many others who are frightened and resist this inevitable transition which requires (demands) an individual transformation to survive in the "new economy."


Within this disorder, we can no longer count on a "security blanket" from the companies with whom we work. I'm not blaming the companies themselves, but I am convinced that our industry-coatings, paints, adhesives, sealants and specialty chemicals-must consider significant changes in the methods of conducting business to survive and prosper in the future. An important element of this change will, as a consequence, influence it's most valuable resource-people.

As companies convey themselves through this revision and its methods in order to capture and control more value in its respective supply chains, they will require change within an assorted set of positions, people and experiences as well as the means of managing and incentifying those involved.

Since disorder and chaos is our economic "backdrop," instant gratification, speed and accuracy of decision-making is the success formula and the only success requirement. As a consequence, there are some discomforting facts with which to deal:

"No rules...Just right." The normal rules of engagement are null and void;

Examination is out...destruction is in;

The InfoTech capability has changed all and rules all;

Job shrinkage is to be expected

Job types will to continue to change radically.

So-called "white collar" jobs will be reduced to 20% of current levels over 12 years

Change & Challenge

Yes, it's true. We are creatures of habits to a fault. However, we must change or become obsolete as individuals and as companies using people to accomplish their goals and objectives. As individuals and as companies, we must help each other through this change. We must do it for selfish reasons. Survival and prosperity are at stake.


Chemark is convinced that survival and prosperity for both individuals and companies is needed and it is also a type of "correction" used in our industries. That is, salvation and prosperity lies, in part in the "correction" and reemergence of three business elements:

Market listening;

Customer caring; and

Customer excitement

If you fully understand that your customers don't really care about you as a business and they really only care about themselves, meeting their needs and making their lives comfortable, you're on the first step towards proper "correction."

Further, if you understand that on the other hand, you must care deeply about your customer, and through market listening, customer caring and customer excitement, have accurate insights into their concerns, you're on the second step towards successful "correction."

Final Words
We hope our collection of words and thoughts make a little sense and can be used to infuse our industry with willingness and risk to change and prosper as individuals and companies together.