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NovaFlow launches new

February 9, 2006

NovaFlow launches new
paste dispenser
Novaflow Systems has launched its new NP15 paste dispenser to accurately dispense high viscosity materials. Using Novaflow’s dispensing software coupled with its improved two-stage dispense valves, users can achieve repeateable dispensing accuracies of +/- 0.0004 pounds. The NP15 is engineered in a modular format that allows the user to dispense high viscosity components from both open topped pails and drums. In addition, the technology can be combined with traditional low viscosity components. The dispensing system utilizes Novaflow’s new MS SQL server database structure and the new platform offers users a wide range of capabilities including a web portal interface. More info: Novaflow Systems, (613) 925-5926; Fax: (613) 925-5928; E-mail: sales@novaflow.com; Web: www.novaflow.com.
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