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ICI Paints Set to Open Second Vietnam Plant Mid Next Year

May 12, 2006

ICI Vietnam Ltd, an affiliate of UK-based ICI Paints, has begun construction of its second plant in the southPPG wins environmental achievement award
PPG Total Service Solutions was recently awarded the 2005 Environmental Achievement Award by the Environmental Management Association (EMA). The company was recognized by the EMA for its unique, environmentally minded paint denaturant, BC4200NP.
Paint denaturants are typically used in automotive and industrial water-washed paint spray booths to denature and coagulate paint overspray making removal and waste treatment easier, the company said.
Unlike commonly used paint denaturants, which contain man-made polymers that are melamine-formaldehyde based or are made from petroleum-based raw materials, PPG's patented BC4200NP denaturant uses a natural by-product of food processing as a primary ingredient.
"The development of the BC4200NP technology demonstrates PPG Total Service Solutions' commitment to a clean environment and its continued effort to explore new ways to assist in providing solutions to environmental issues," said David Boehmer, director of PPG Specialty Products.