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Tego Twin 4000 multi-functional surfactant

May 12, 2006

Degussa’s Tego Twin 4000, multi-functional
surfactant combines defoaming
and substrate wetting properties for
water-based wood coatings. Tego Twin
4000 is a 100% active matter multifunctional
surfactant based on an
organo-modified polysiloxane. The
surface tension reduction imparted by
the surfactant gives outstanding wetting
and anti-cratering properties,
according to the company. Its high surface
activity means that very low addition
levels are required. The overall
result is a reduction in the total additive
content of the formula, providing
significant savings as well as making
formulation simpler. More info:
Degussa, (800) 446-1809; Fax: (804)
541-6290; Web: www.additiweb.com.

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