Water-based spray

July 12, 2006

Patent No. U.S. 7,029,524 B2
Day-Glo Color Corp. has received a patent for an aqueous aerosol spray composition for marking a surface. It is comprised of 0-50% by weight water; 5-50% by weight of a solvent selected from the group consisting of a C6 to C15 aliphatic solvent, an aromatic solvent comprising 10 or fewer carbon atoms, an ether, and an alcohol, or a combination of the solvents; 0.1-4% by weight of an emulsifier having a hydrophile to lipophile balance of from 1.8-16.7, wherein the emulsifier is a sorbitan derivative; 0-3% surfactant; a marking agent; 0-0.4% by weight of a corrosion inhibitor; 0-10% by weight of an antifreeze agent; 0-50% by weight of an inorganic filler; and 10-45% by weight of a propellant; wherein the marking composition lacks or contains only trace amounts of an alkyd-based drying oil, polyvinylpyrrrolidone, polyvinyl alcohol or a combination thereof; and wherein the mark formed by the marking composition is removable from the surface by rubbing with a dry cloth, or washing with water, or both.

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