BASF patents Pigment

August 14, 2006

Patent No. U.S. 7,034,080 B1
BASF Corp. has obtained a patent for a coating composition comprised of at least one pigment dispersed in an acrylic polymer, wherein the acrylic polymer is prepared by first polymerizing a mixture of ethylenically unsaturated monomers comprised of at least approximately 15% by weight unsaturated meta-isopropenyl-, dimethylbenzyl isocyanate; at least one further aromatic polymerizable monomer, in an amount so that monomers combined are at least 50% by weight of the mixture of ethylenically unsaturated monomers; and at least one alkyl (meth)acrylate to form a polymer, and secondly, reacting the isocyanate groups of the polymer with a hydroxyalkyl acid in which the hydroxyl and acid groups are separated by at least four atoms or with a diol having both the primary hydroxyl group and a secondary hydroxyl group and then with a cyclic anhydride and hydroxyethylene ethyl urea.