Rohm and Haas patents

October 20, 2006

Patent No. U.S. 7,056,408 B2 Rohm and Haas has been granted a patent for a composite article comprised of a first substrate, a polymeric adhesive composition displaying at least two glass transition temperatures, and at least one subsequent substrate, wherein the composite article is formed by a process comprising: applying a layer of a homogeneous fluid comprising at least one polymerizable compound to the first substrate, contacting the layer to the subsequent substrate to form an uncured assembly, and exposing the uncured assembly to at least one polymerization condition selected from the group consisting of elevated temperature, radiation and combinations thereof, wherein the adhesive composition has t-peel values at 4.2 mm/sec of 200 g per 25.4 mm of width or higher at 20° C and of 200 g per 25.4 mm of width or higher at 60° C, and wherein the homogeneous fluid comprises 5-50% by weight, based on the weight of the homogeneous fluid, at least one acrylic polymer.