Basf patents

December 18, 2006

Patent No. U.S. 7,064,156 B2 BASF Coatings has received a patent for a continuous process for preparing a powder coating slurry or a powder coating material by emulsification of their constituents comprised of preparing at least one liquid component comprised of at least one binder in a reaction vessel by a method selected from the group consisting of continuous addition polymerization, polycondensation and combinations thereof, discharging the liquid component continuously from the reaction vessel and conveying it into a mixing unit in which it is mixed continuously with at least one liquid component comprising at least one additional starting material of the powder slurry or powder coating material, to give a liquid component, and conveying the liquid component continuously into a dispersing unit in which it is emulsified in a continuously supplied aqueous medium, to give an aqueous emulsion of liquid particles, and either preparing a powder slurry by cooling the emulsion, to form a suspension of dimensionally stable particles, and or preparing a powder coating material by isolating the dimensionally stable particles directly from the aqueous emulsion or the suspension.