Particulate metal alloy coating for corrosion protection

January 17, 2007

Patent No. U.S. 7,078,076 B2
Metal Coatings International has been granted a patent for a method for imparting corrosion-resistance to a metal substrate. The method is comprised of forming a liquid coating composition including a liquid medium, zinc alloy in flake form comprising greater than 50% weight zinc in the flake, and a balance of less than 50% weight of additional alloy metal and silane binding agent; applying the liquid coating composition to the substrate to provide, upon heating, a coating weight of from about 500 to about 9,000 mg/ft2 of coating on the coated substrate; and heating the applied coating on the substrate to a temperature up to about 700° F for a time period of at least about 10 minutes, to thereby form a corrosion-resistant coating on the substrate that imparts corrosion-resistance.