Zinsser patents wall

April 18, 2007

Patent No. U.S. 7,112,618 B2
Zinsser Co. has obtained a patent for a water-removable composition for activating a pre-paste adhesive or affixing a wall covering to a surface. It is comprised of water, an alkali, an alkali-soluble polyvinyl acetate-crotonic acid copolymer, a thickener, and a glycol, wherein the composition is an aqueous colloidal dispersion or polymeric solution comprising from approximately 2.5% to 25% by weight of the copolymer, from 3% to 30% by weight of solids, and from 97% to 70% by weight non-solids, wherein the composition has a pH of from 8-11, and wherein the composition, after application as a film to and drying on the surface of a substrate, is removable by washing with water.