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Rohm and Haas launch Rhoplex

April 18, 2007

Rohm and Haas has introduced a new acrylic technology for flat to semi-gloss architectural paint. Rhoplex VSR-1050 acrylic emulsion is a performance driven binder based on new advanced acrylic technology with a unique polymer structure and ambient crosslinking durability. Coatings based on Rhoplex VSR-1050 provide outstanding early block and film hardness, stain removal, abrasive scrub resistance and excellent alkyd adhesion. In addition, the low coalescent demand enables formulators to meet the strictest VOC requirements in North America with performance that exceeds conventional emulsions, according to the company. More info: Rohm and Haas Company, (215) 592-3000; Fax: (215) 592-3377; Web: www.rohmhaas.com.