Self-Cleaning Corrosion

June 18, 2007

Patent No. U.S. 7,135,075 B2
The Ohio State University has been granted a patent for an aqueous solution for depositing an inorganic corrosion resistant coating with self-healing properties on a metal substrate. The aqueous solution is comprised of essentially a film-forming agent comprising at least one vanadate salt, wherein the film-forming agent forms the corrosion resistant coating at a first rate; a supplemental soluble metal anion selected from the group consisting of ferricyanide, anions of iron, anions of molybdenum, anions of tungsten, anions of manganese, anions of boron, and anions of phosphorous, wherein the supplemental soluble metal anion accelerates the first rate thereby causing the corrosion resistant coating to form faster than the first rate; and a substrate activator, the substrate activator adapted to remove oxides on the metal substrate prior to formation of the corrosion resistant coating.