Ecology Coating patents rad-cure

November 19, 2007

Patent No. U.S. 7,192,992 B2
Ecology Coating, Inc. has obtained a patent for an actinic radiation curable, substantially all solids coating composition consisting essentially of 25-45% percent by weight an oligomer or a multiplicity of oligomers, 45-60% by weight of a monomer or a multiplicity of monomers, 2-11% by weight of a photoinitiator or a multiplicity of photoinitiators and co-initiators, 0.1-3% by weight of a filler or a multiplicity of fillers, and 8-12% by weight of a polymerizable pigment dispersion or a multiplicity of polymerizable pigment dispersions, wherein the composition is suited for coating a thermally sensitive object and/or suited for coating an object comprising a rusted surface portion, wherein the average size of at least one type of the filler particles is less than 500 nanometers and the polymerizable pigment dispersions are comprised of at least one pigment attached to an activated resin; and wherein the composition has a viscosity suited for application to a surface using spraying without the addition of heat