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Ciba introduces xymara fireball effect pigment

November 19, 2007

Ciba introduces xymara fireball effect pigment
Ciba has launched Xymara Fireball, a versatile “color-travel” effect pigment. Ciba Xymara Fireball combines unique effects and shade depth with excellent technical properties, according to the company. Its high durability makes Xymara Fireball suitable for exterior automotive coatings and other high-performance applications, including consumer goods such as mobile phones and electronic devices. Applied as a stand-alone pigment in coatings applications, Fireball gives a shade that varies from orange/gold to a deep cherry red, as the angle of observation changes. Transparency also makes it suitable for use in combination with different chromatic transparent pigments as well as in multilayer paint systems, giving new, unusual effect shades. More info: Ciba Specialty Chemicals, +41 61 636 4444; Web: www.ciba.com; www.xymara.com.

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