Rohm and Haas patents intumescent

December 20, 2007

Patent No. U.S. 7,217,753 B2
Rohm and Haas Company has obtained a patent for a fire retardant intumescent coating composition selected from the group consisting of powder coating compositions and aqueous coating compositions. The composition is comprised of 30-60% by weight of a phosphorous containing material which decomposes to produce phosphoric acid when the coating is exposed to fire; 10-30% by weight of a thermosetting binder; 2.5-10% by weight of a curing agent for the thermosetting binder; and
5-40% by weight of a thermoplastic binder, wherein each of the thermosetting and thermoplastic binders comprise groups that react with the phosphoric acid, thereby imparting charring and blowing functions to the intumescent coating composition.

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