Bayer material science patents Aqueous binder dispersions

April 15, 2008

Patent No. U.S. 7,232,860 B2
Bayer Material Science AG has obtained a patent for an aqueous binder dispersion comprised of at least one copolymer (P) containing carboxylic acid and/or carboxylate groups, the copolymer (P) containing structural units of carboxyl-free (meth)acrylic esters with a cycloaliphatic structure, and at least 25% mol of the carboxylic acid and/or carboxylate groups of the copolymer (P) in the dispersion being present in triethanolamine-neutralized form, wherein the copolymer (P) is prepared from the group of the monomers (M) comprised of (M1) 10-50% by weight of cycloaliphatic esters of (meth)acrylic acid or mixtures thereof,
(M2) 20-60% by weight of hydroxyl-functional free-radically polymerizable monomers, (M3) 1-5% by weight of carboxyl-functional free-radically polymerizable monomers, (M4) 0-10% by weight of free-radically polymerizable monomers containing phosphate/phosphonate groups or sulphonic acid/sulphonate groups, and (M5) 10-60% by weight of hydroxyl- and carboxyl-free (meth)acrylic esters with C1 to C18 hydrocarbon radicals in the alcohol moiety and/or vinylaromatics and/or vinyl esters, the sums of the components adding up to 100% by weight.